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If there is one thing I’ve learned from being in weddings, it’s that everyone should be required to wear fake eyelashes every day. They are a game changer. 

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned about being in a wedding where you can’t have champagne (for pregnancy reasons or otherwise) it’s that you should always bring your own kombucha or other sparkling beverage. Drinking FOMO is so real. What am I supposed to do with my hands?
Traveling to Texas for Nicole and Christian’s wedding was such a whirlwind! And I WAYYYY overpacked. I could’ve easily just brought my bridesmaids dress and get ready outfit – that’s all I wore all weekend! And they were both from PinkBlush, so consider this whole week #sponsored. 
Nicole got us the cutest flannels in her wedding colors to get ready in, but I knew mine would more than likely not button over my baby bump (bless her for being very patient with my belly as it suddenly seemed to bust at the seems right before her big day.) So, I got this adorable loungewear set from the sleepwear and intimates section of to wear under it. You might recognize it from this Instagram post – the second it came in, it was so soft, I wore it around the house all day!

My mauve ruffled pajamas, my flannel, my booch, and my baby were very happy and comfy all morning. PS I’ve had people tell me I’m not supposed to be drinking kombucha, but my doctor cleared it in small quantities now that I’m so much further along in my pregnancy, so this glass of Guava Goddess was no biggie!
There’s a reason they call Texas the Big Sky State – it’s flat as far as the eye can see, which means big, beautiful sunsets every single night. The happy couple got seriously blessed with some of the best views I’ve ever seen, and all on a ranch with two super friendly horses who were disappointed that my hand was not as tasty as a carrot. 

All the other bridesmaids were able to find their dresses at a bridal boutique, but Nicole was super great about me finding a dress where I would definitely be able to fit by the time the wedding came around. I found this dress on PinkBlush quite a few months ago, so it isn’t in stock anymore. But after what a great fit it was on the first try, the perfect color match, and how comfy I was for the entire ceremony and reception, I would recommend PinkBlush special occasion dresses to any bride. 
In fact, offers maternity, plus, maternity plus, and standard women’s sizes. So there’s no reason why an entire bridal party couldn’t find their dresses in one place. Even though mine is no longer in stock, I found tons of styles I would wear even this late into the third trimester here.

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