Millie really likes our bedroom still. Either that or she doesn’t want to get off the bed long enough for me to change the quilt.

Tanner and I woke up on January 1st and jumped out of bed. This never happens. For one reason or another (again, you can chalk it up to the “nesting” phenomenon) we were both itching to do things around the house. For him, it came in the form of deep cleaning. Scrubbing out the microwave, seasoning his skillets, scouring the sink. I hopped on board with his cleaning energy and starting stripping the sheets off the bed.

Have you ever moved everything to clean under and around it, only to realize you didn’t want to put everything back? I had no desire to make our bed, reorganize the nightstands, or fold our throw blankets. And it wasn’t because I was tired, although I really was. I can move around for a good hour before I need to lay down and rest, these days. I just wasn’t excited about any of our stuff, and I wanted to see it gone.

So, I’ve gone on an Emily Ley-style rampage. I ran around our bedroom with a trash bag (or three) and was totally ruthless on getting rid of everything I didn’t love. But our bedroom still looks the same. I didn’t fix the main problem, which is this: our bedroom is suddenly way too feminine for me.

Our current bedroom.

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Tones & Textures in Our Decor

I think it may be because of Annie B. I don’t decorate in a particularly girly way. So, our home has always been filled with lots of neutrals, wood textures, and blues. Hard to say whether that’s because it’s the way I like it or because our first home has been filled with family antiques and whatever furniture my mom has been so kind to let me steal out of her house. Since we found out that Annie would be joining our family, our house has been overrun by all things pink and girly. Suddenly, our blush and gray bedroom that I used to think was so neutral is just another fluffy, feminine space in the house. It doesn’t bring me a lot of joy.

I just want to clarify – our bedroom isn’t too girly for Tanner! Honestly, I don’t think he takes decor into consideration enough to even notice that kind of thing. All he cares about is that our house is warm and cozy and feels like home. So far, I’ve gotten no complaints out of him.

Master Bedroom Redecorating Inspiration

A neutral, blue and white bedroom with natural textures.

These inspiration pics were found on Pinterest!

I think the bones of what I have in mind for our bedroom are already there, and that’s a huge relief! The rattan rocker from Tanner’s childhood years is still a perfect fit, our gray quilt will look great folded at the end of the bed, and there’s no need to paint. Here’s what’s missing.

A rug. I’m not a fan of geometric patterned rugs. Something about them looks super preppy to me, and that is definitely not my decorating style. I found three options from Wayfair that I really love to introduce some color into the room, but otherwise, I want to keep everything else very neutral, letting the textures do the talking.

A headboard or bedframe. I’m thinking an entire bed frame might be kind of overwhelming for such a small space. We have a pretty modestly sized master, plus something clunky right in the center of the room would probably block light from bouncing around.

New art. I won’t be listing any potential artwork here because I think I already have something in mind! I’ve been wanting to work on it for a while, and I think it’ll be something really special to Tanner and I.

More Decor Inspo for the Lynk House

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