free thanksgiving wallpaper download
All pies are good pies, but I think we can all agree, apple is where it’s at. And that’s why I made an entire Thanksgiving iPhone wallpaper dedicated to it.

I used to make these all the time, because I had the time and I really liked my phone screen to look super uniform, organized, and in the spirit of the season. But life and kids and work happened. Then, pregnancy number 2. But, oh! The joys of pregnancy insomnia! I finally have so much free time in the night to make things like free iPhone wallpapers for the people of Pinterest! You’re welcome, world!

If you saw my last blog post, you know that I don’t beat around the bush when it comes to Christmas. And I am of the belief that you can put up decorations and start getting in the spirit early without dissing Thanksgiving altogether. After all, it is hands down the most delicious of holidays. I don’t take stuffing and green bean casserole lightly. So, while I’m completely over my fall decor and red, joyful goodness has taken over my home, my phone screen still says “harvest season is alive and well.”

free thanksgiving wallpaper download

I hope y’all enjoy these free downloads on me, and if you do, do me a giant favor. Follow me on Pinterest, YouTube, and/or Instagram to let me know you liked them. Last year, my Thanksgiving wallpaper was downloaded over 3,000 times! And to think, I could’ve become friends with 3,000 new Internet folks. Sad.

free christmas wallpaper download
And just in case you want it saved to your phone for when the time is right, my free Christmas iPhone wallpaper!

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