This Monday has me wondering if Walmart has always been amazing, or if I just caught it on a good day. After weighing all of your opinions on Instagram, I think that Walmart is generally hit or miss. I’ve just missed a great many of the ‘hit’ days because shopping at Walmart when your kids are with you is HARD. So many distractions. So many people. But this week, I got to run our monthly Walmart errands solo, and I felt like I hit the jackpot.

I didn’t even get everything I wanted (hello, restraint) but I still walked out of Walmart with so many perfect goodies for fall. And I didn’t even touch the home goods sections. Hands up if you could go absolutely HAM in the new Home Edit section of Walmart. I posted them all to stories, but here are links to all of the goodies I found for you to enjoy. The hat was far and away my favorite find, because I had been eyeing a similar style online that was nearly $200. Yikes on bikes. You can imagine my silent squeal of excitement when I found this one for $12, and in three different colors. It’s definitely giving fall vibes, but I broke it out for my nephew’s outdoor birthday party. This time of year, I do NOT want the sun touching my skin anymore. Perfect excuse for a new hat, not that I needed one!

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