I tried 5 different Hum Nutrition Supplements for 3 months. Here are the two I would keep taking.

My Honest Review of 5 Different Hum Nutrition Supplements

This post is not sponsored. I took Hum Nutrition Supplements for 3 months and stopped taking each at various times to see if I felt a difference. Some made a noticeable difference, some did not. Here’s are my unbiased results.

I listen to the Almost 30 podcast a lot – partly because I do fall into the “Almost 30” category (I’m 26) and partly because I love having some background noise in the house. It’s usually playing on my phone while I’m cleaning, working out, driving, or in the shower. It’s part funny, part crazy woo-woo stuff, part educational. And it’s where I learned about Hum Nutrition. They talked about the supplements they each take in the beginning episodes (years ago) and then brought Hum Nutrition on as a sponsor, so I’d like to think that I got to know the unbiased, unsponsored side of the brand before I made the decision to try.

The Almost 30 Podcast has discount codes for Hum Nutrition and tons of other sponsors, so if this post has you curious, visit their sponsor page and try it for yourself. But again, I am not sponsored. Hum didn’t pay me to write this or provide me with any free product, not that it would sway my opinion of them. I just want you to know that this is my honest opinion, both positive and negative.

Don’t worry about taking horse pills. If you’ve ever had to take disgusting prenatals before, these veggie capsules are a walk in the park.

I took Hum Nutrition Supplements for 3 Months. Here’s what happened.

There are so many different types of supplements to choose from, so I was a little overwhelmed. Most of them focused on beauty. After all, their slogan is “Beauty Starts From Within.” But that wasn’t really my main goal for taking supplements. I mean, if my skin got clearer and my nails got stronger in the process, that’s awesome. But I had some other goals in mind:

  1. Digestion. This has always been an issue for me. I took a different brand of probiotics before I got pregnant with AB and loved the results, but stopped taking them when my doctor was unclear on whether or not that brand was safe for prenatal use.
  2. Bloat. My mom and I have had the same problem for most of our lives. It seems like no matter what we eat, we get painfully bloated after. And then if we don’t eat, the bloat is even worse. We can’t win for losing. Plus, it’s sometimes really painful.
  3. Anxiety. Taking care of a baby is no joke. So, if there was something besides prescription drugs I could take to turn me into a “chill mom” and not constantly hover over my child to make sure she is still breathing, I want that.

So, let’s get into it! I’ll order these from best to worst – which ones I loved and now continue to take daily, and which just weren’t for me.

Gut Instinct: A Probiotic Blend

Trust me, there is no way this is just a placebo effect. There is physical proof. I’m not gonna beat around the bush about it – this stuff makes you poop.

“Friendly bacteria that benefit your digestion, health, & beauty. Gut instinct delivers 25 billion friendly organisms in this ten-strain, acid resistant, high potency formula. Keep the friendlies in charge of your digestion, as there is now growing evidence that they boost the immune system for overall body and skin health.”

Straight from the bottle.

I’m not entirely sure if this has done anything in the “beauty” realm for me, but I feel amazing. I started taking it in the morning (directions say to take it on an empty stomach) but I eventually figured out that I get the best results if I take it at night, right before I go to bed. I wake up feeling 100%. Probiotics work best on an empty stomach, so it just makes sense that I would take them about 4 hours after I eat dinner, and let them do their work on my digestive system all night long.

These are easily the best and most effective probiotics I have ever taken. If you have trouble with regularity or want something to keep your digestive system on track while your body is under stress (like while you’re traveling), this one is for you.

Flatter Me: Enzymes for Bloat

This isn’t a supplement that I take every day, but one that I keep in my purse for when I need it. If you’re like me and experience uncomfortable or even painful bloat, keep this bad boy on hand.

“Supports a flatter stomach and healthy digestion. Designed around your diet, we developed a comprehensive proprietary enzyme blend that supports all major phases of nutrient digestion. Flatter me is formulated to optimize protein, carb, fiber, and fat breakdown and to help with nutrient absorption, relief from indigestion, and bloating.”

You could say that this is a placebo effect and that I’m actually just feeling the effects of the probiotic in Gut Instinct. But I take Gut Instinct every day and still suffer from painful bloat at the most random times. Most often, the painful bloat comes when I haven’t eaten in a while, and it’s really gut wrenching. It makes it difficult to eat because my stomach is in so much pain. The directions say to take one capsule before your two main meals. If I’m feeling the bloat, I take one with a glass of water, wait twenty minutes, and eat. And I feel 110% better. No bloat whatsoever.

And I know what you’re probably thinking – where did the bloat go, Rebecca? I promise you, I did not have embarrassing gas in the middle of a restaurant. I would not lead you astray like that. I don’t know. The bloat is just gone. Like magic.

Ripped Rooster: For Fat Burn Support

This one I’m a little bit on the fence about. I believe it helped me make the most of my diet and exercise routine since having Annie. But, I can’t say for sure that it helped me lose weight. I would be hesitant to say that about any supplement, because I don’t think weight loss is something that magically happens when you take a pill.

“A good body is like a long term relationship between diet and exercise. Ripped Rooster can make this relationship a happy one. It contains 7-Keto, a clinically-researched metabolite of DHEA that enable three times the weight reduction of diet and exercise alone.”

I have lost 30 pounds since I left the hospital after Annie was born. I haven’t changed my diet. I eat whatever my body craves because breastfeeding hangries are NO JOKE. But I try to make good choices as often as possible. I drink a lot of water. I am only moderately active (alternating walking, HIIT workouts, and strength training based on how I feel that day, 3-4 days a week) and I take these supplements. Do with that what you will. This may be one that you just need to try for yourself to see if it works.

I don’t think anyone needs to be taking this many supplements all the time. Seems like a waste of money, and there’s no way you could be absorbing all of it. So pick the ones that make a difference for you, and stop taking it if you don’t see results.

What Didn’t Work For Me

This isn’t to say that these won’t do anything for you, but I just wasn’t satisfied with these supplements and I don’t think I would order them again.

Big Chill: Helps you cope with & remove the signs of stress. I don’t believe this did anything to chill me out. The description on the bottle is a little sketchy. To me, it seems like they were trying to say that the supplements prevented stress from happening, but the ingredients list would hint that the supplement just handles stress induced acne, which I don’t think is a problem for me.

Daily Cleanse: helps clear your skin and body from toxins. This supplement is meant to help detox your skin, liver, bowels, kidneys, lungs, and lymphatic system. Maybe it did, but I certainly didn’t feel or notice a difference after taking them for 3 months. Again, I would encourage you to try it yourself if detoxing is something you’re concerned about. But having tried it myself, I’m not planning on keeping it a part of my daily regimen.

How much does it cost to buy supplements every month?

There are plenty of ways to save money on your supplement order. I love that my two favorites, Gut Instinct and Flatter Me, are only $25 each. They’re two of the least expensive options on the entire site, so that’s a plus. To save the most amount of money, I would recommend using code 1B0C2F to save $10 on your first order. Then, on your second month, use the Almost 30 podcast code (code: ALMOST30) to save 20%. That’s the best way to get the maximum amount of savings within your first two orders. If you use the Almost30 code first, you won’t be eligible for the $10 off code.

Also, keep in mind that you might not need an entire month’s supply to be restocked every month. I only take Flatter Me as I need it, so it’s not necessary to reorder every month.

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