Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season, and ironically, it’s also my most busy. I guess you could say I’m at my happiest when I have a lot going on.

Tanner coaches high school football.
It’s our busiest time of year at Beaufort Proper.
It’s wedding season in Eastern NC and our venue is BOOKED.
Holidays. Enough said. 
My birthday falls on Labor Day Weekend, and we’re traveling.

Okay, so Labor Day Weekend is technically well before the first day of Fall, but in my mind, it’s pumpkin spice season come the first day of September. 
I don’t really have a knack for outfit planning, but as Le Bump has grown bigger and bigger, it’s been increasingly difficult to get dressed in the morning. I have two pairs of stretchy pants on rotation that go with everything, and flowy sundress season has been very accommodating to my changing figure. But some of my favorite tops for Fall have been forced into the “maybe someday” section of my closet now that none of my jeans fit. 
It’s time to give in and get some maternity wear. I was dead set on only buying things that I could still comfortably wear postpartum. And since I mainly work from home, I don’t need much, especially while I’m still learning how my body is going to change. 
Size way up on a denim jacket. 
I love this extra long jacket from my mom’s store, because it’s a boyfriend fit with extra length to cover your butt. I haven’t found a dress that wasn’t meant to be paired with it yet.
Save with two-packs.
It’s easy to find doubles of maternity leggings and t-shirts to save a little cash.
Look for extra length and a drape.
I tried on tons of maternity tops that would be suitable for work, and the ones I loved and would wear postpartum were all extra long with a drape.
Go for black denim.
Nowadays, people have finally moved away from the dreaded work pant (BLESS) and we can dress up black denim while still looking professional. 
Get your slide on.
Yes, I can bend over to tie my shoes. But if given the option, I’d rather skip it. 

Once I get past 25 weeks, I’ll go another round with a colder weather capsule wardrobe. After all, I have no intention on bouncing right back to my pre-pregnancy body after the babe arrives in January 2019. I’ll still need stretchy, cozy clothes well into the winter months. 

My next order will for sure have:
  1. Long overalls: I have an overall dress that has been my go-to for running errands or just doing chores around the house. And more football games!
  2. Extra-long long sleeve shirts: For layering without riding up my belly. 
  3. Holiday dresses: I know some non-maternity brands that I’ve had great luck with thus far, so I’m eager to experiment and see what fits. The goal is to try styles other than the old-faithful empire waist. 
  4. A light winter coat: Seriously, if I find a good maternity coat, I’ll wear it forever. Do people have something against winter coats that aren’t super tailored and tight?