I officially have a two year old! And even though her party wasn’t everything I imagined it would be a year ago (my sister at I had dabbled with the idea of saving up for a band and making it an “adult party,” don’t judge) I was very relieved to have something a little more low key in the third trimester of this pregnancy. It was a little ladies’ luncheon – a Tea For Two birthday party for Annie B with just the grandmas and aunts.

But just because the guest list is small doesn’t mean that we can’t make it special. So, I decorated the house up a day in advance to really let Annie soak up all the fun.

CLEAN + DECORATE WITH ME ✨| Spring Party Decor Ideas 🌸 Annie’s Tea For Two Birthday Party 2021

This video premiers Monday, January 25th at 9 am EST. Hope to see you there!

This was by far the easiest party I’ve ever thrown – I bought all the supplies ahead of time on Amazon, left them in a box in the closet, and broke it out the day before. The menu consisted of iced tea, cucumber sandwiches, and PB&Js. And in lieu of cake, I served petit fours from Harris Teeter for an added touch of fancy.

But the best part had to be the adorable paper tea cups and plates I found. I bought extras just to keep on hand for Annie, who is currently the queen of tea parties. WAIT NO. The best part was definitely the party favors! I definitely put more effort into those than the entire rest of the party combined. But these forever keepsakes were SO worth it. You’ll have to watch the video to see exactly what I’m talking about, but I’m still fawning over them.

Tea For Two Party Supply List

Party Supplies: (find the full list on my Amazon storefront here: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls…​)

And just for the memories, I wanted to share all the pictures from Annie’s second birthday photo shoot here with you. I had so much fun taking these photos with our long time photographer, Katie. She always makes our shoots so special! And she was the one who gave me the idea to turn these into the party favors, so fascinator’s off to the world’s best photog!

Annie’s Tea Party Themed Second Birthday Photoshoot