Christmas Gift Guide #1: Cozies for Him

BTW, we’ve been married for 11 months today! So, this also counts as anniversary gift brainstorming. 

Why is shopping for guys so hard? I swear, I rack up a list of “needs” for Tanner in my head, things that he’s said he could use in passing, and then come Christmastime, they’ve all left my brain.

I made a list in my phone this year for every time someone mentioned something they wanted in my family (a little tip from my “Plan for Christmas in the Fall” post, here) and now I have a couple things in mind for everyone, but we’re starting with him. The man who has everything. Or doesn’t have everything, but seemingly wants nothing. That seems to be the case for my husband, unless you’re counting his “BIG projects” that can’t fit under a tree. I can’t get him a new truck this year. Sorry.

If you read my post about how I shop for Christmas, then you know I follow the want, need, read rule for the people closest to me who get multiple presents. This gift guide focuses on some wants and needs that every guy would love to have – but I still need your book recommendations! Seriously, Tanner has over 200 books. I counted when we moved. He’s a history buff and likes exclusively nonfiction, so I need recommendations!

What He Wants For Christmas: 

Cozies: Every guy ever looks so good in a henley, plus they’re super comfy and great for layering. So really, it’s like a gift for him AND for you. These staple sweaters come in a variety of colors for everything from lounging around the house to family Christmas parties, and he’ll just be really grateful you didn’t get him a tacky Christmas sweater. Seriously. One is enough.

And if he doesn’t already have these rubber soled house slippers, he needs a pair. Tanner lives in his this time of year. They make him look like a cute little old man, and I can always hear him puttering around in them.

Experiences: That’s what the book is for mostly. Tanner loves a good chill day. He wakes up early to go oystering, gets good and dirty and cold, then comes home in the mood to do all the winter things, like drink hot chocolate out of a Christmas-y mug (I got mine from Target here) and read by the fire. We don’t have a fire place, but I’ll light 72 candles and play sound effects on the TV. It’s definitely the same.

What He Needs For Christmas:

Facial Hair Love: It’s beard SZN. I’m not a super big fan, but with all this going out on the water in the cold, his face needs protection. All I ask is that he keep everything well groomed and in check. Some Mario Badescu shaving products and a beard trimmer keep everything looking more like a mountain man, less like a Sasquatch.

A Man Bag: It’s time to recognize that men sometimes need a purse. Ain’t no shame. Tanner has coaching clothes, lesson plans, a computer, chargers, shoes, lunch, etc. to carry with him to and from school every day. He’s always complaining about having to take multiple trips to the car. This bag is rugged and manly and says, “I’ve got big, important plans, people.”

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