Chloe’s Senior Pictures in Beaufort

Yesterday was the best day. Taking senior pictures might just be my favorite thing to do. It’s so much fun to pick locations that are most important to your life and really let your personality shine through.

Chloe has been modeling for us at Beaufort Proper for two years, and she consistently creates some of my favorite pictures that we’ve ever taken. If you look at our Instagram, it’s probably about 50% Chloe at any given time. The girl just knows her angles! So when she asked me to take her senior pictures, I knew it would be just as easy as it would be fun. In just two hours, we hit three locations:

On the Corner of Front & Hill

In the Wildflowers

Under the Live Oaks

Radio Island at Sunset

Shout out to the Williamson fam for all the help with the lighting, the candid, totally not fake laughs, and for making me laugh!

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