I'm picky when it comes to seasonal decor.

And pastels aren’t usually my favorite. But this Spring is MOST needed right now. And I’ve been determined to add a dash of color and happy that still meets my very picky standards.

Oh, hello, three new videos in one week. Life comes at you fast. I’m 34 weeks pregnant with this Easter baby, and Spring is right around the corner. I say it every fall – you light the fall scented candles and Mother Nature adjusts the thermostat accordingly. And the mix of hormones, wanting to meet this baby girl, and a particularly dreary winter here in Eastern North Carolina has me aching for Spring.



This week’s Spring Clean and Decorate With Me video is filled with budget DIYs, including this Pottery Barn Easter Tree dupe!

So, the candles have been lit, the decor is out, and I swear, the temperature raised twenty degrees overnight. So, there’s something to starting spring cleaning and decorating early! Introducing some happy colors and floral scents into this house has also greatly improved my mood. It’s a win-win.

But in reality, as the weather warms up, we spend more and more time outside of the house. I’m excited to get back to walks on the waterfront, trips to the park, and riding Annie’s tractor around my parent’s back yard. There’s really no point in putting a great deal of effort and money into seasonal decor when we plan on spending the majority of the season outside the house. It’s the reason why I don’t spend any money on summer decorations. I put away all the spring stuff and put out a few house plants. And every season, we do a little project outside the home to improve our outdoor living. Last year, it was repainting the shutters and hanging a plantation shutter on the front porch to shield from the harsh morning sun. Who knows what it’ll be this year!



I got the best feedback on our Valentine’s Day occasions bin, and Annie seemed to have a good time with it, too! But to be honest, no one has loved it more than Tan. He’s obsessed with using the to go coffee cups on his way out the door in the morning.

All I know for sure is that I love how far our house has come in the last two and a half years, and right now, I love everything in our home exactly the way it is. And I can’t wait to share it all with you! You’ll get to see the process in this week’s video, but I’m really excited to share a house tour soon!

Spring Clean and Decorate With Me: Watch the YouTube Video


In this video:

  • some last minute Spring cleaning motivation (my last two videos come with ton more cleaning motivation, especially for deep cleaning)
  • some budget DIY decor that I do to keep things fresh around the house
  • a small Target decor haul
  • deep cleaning my couch
  • our St. Paddy’s Day occasions bin!

How To Make An Easter Tree DIY | Pottery Barn Easter Decor Dupe


If you’re still catching up on all of the Spring Cleaning goodness, there’s still more to come! But my favorite is this extra long montage with an hour of nonstop cleaning inspiration. Pop it on the TV while you clean and you’ll be motivated to get it all done!

And you can also download my free Spring cleaning checklist here, sorted by task rather than by room so you can clean as efficiently as possible.