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You’ve probably seen Grove a million times all over Instagram – people talking about all the natural cleaning products that they’ve switched to as a first step in getting toxic chemicals out of their houses. It’s definitely a step in the right direction, but you might not know that you get way more than cleaning products from the site. I challenged myself to make a couple other swaps this month, and they’ve been game changers.

Have you heard of oil pre-cleansing?

beauty products from Grove and how to oil precleanse
I’ve tried a few different oils on my skin, but Argan Oil has been the absolute best, and it smells amazing!

I heard about this from Krista Williams on the Almost 30 podcast (I’ve been listening for over a year and I just LOVE IT) and it just clicked with me. I tried oil cleansing a couple years ago and it was just not for me. My skin reacted horribly to it, and something about washing with oil just doesn’t scream “clean” to me. But oil pre-cleansing makes total sense. Just using makeup wipes or cleansing wipes alone doesn’t do much but move the makeup around on your face. Totally useless. Instead, I use 100% pure argan oil all over my face and neck beforehand to lift all the makeup, sweat, and grime off my face from a long day. Then, I use my Rooted Beauty cleansing wipes to get it all off.

Since I’ve started oil pre-cleansing at the end of each night, here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • My skin isn’t dried out from overcleansing.
  • I know I’m getting all of my makeup off more thoroughly at the end of the day because I don’t see it rub off on my pillow.
  • I’ve had fewer breakouts.
  • It’s an easier routine at the end of the day that I’m more likely to stick to.

SOLD. And both of these are sold at Grove for less than I could find them in the store. In fact, the wipes came as a freebie with last month’s order, which is a crazy good deal.

Ditching the Straw

I drink way more water throughout the day when I use a big cup with a straw. I learned that little tidbit about myself when they gave me that GIANT hospital cup after Annie’s birth. I love that thing so much, but it’s getting a little grimey now. I’ve tried other reusable straws, like the stainless steel ones, but I don’t love that I can’t see inside of them. The idea of not really being able to see if the inside of the straw is thoroughly cleaned gives me the serious heeby-jeebies. I found these glass straws for this month’s order and I haven’t looked back.

Try Grove and get a 5-piece gift set free!

The Grove marketplace is filled with tons of other items besides non-toxic cleaning supplies, like probiotics and supplements, insect repellents for summer time, paper goods, and so much more. I always order their 100% recycled trash bags, and they’re surprisingly strong! If you want to try it out for a month to get started on oil pre-cleansing, you’ll get a 5-piece cleaning set from Mrs. Meyer’s with your order, so you’ll get your cleaning supplies for the month totally free! Use this link to get started!