Beach Bound with Baby

Annie’s swimmie and cat eye glasses are part of the Carter’s sale below, but you can click this image for details on everything you see hear, including my beach outfit!

It’s seventy degrees today! I can actually feel my body thawing out. Unfortunately, Annie doesn’t seem to be feeling it as much as I am. We went to the doctor yesterday because I thought she was sick, but she had no signs of an ear infection or virus. Just a bad case of the stuffy noses. When I take her outside, she gets really fussy, so I’m guessing all this newfound Spring pollen isn’t settling very well with her. But all I want to do is take a blanket outside and lay in the sun with her!

It’s got me day dreaming about all the fun we’re going to have when we can finally take her out on the boat. Some of my favorite days of my entire life have been spent out on the water. Tanner and I had our first date on his boat (actually, I have no idea when our first date was, but one of our first dates, I guess) and he proposed to me at our favorite swimming spot. There’s no doubt that Annie’s first time on daddy’s boat is going to be a day to remember. Anyone who know us knows that to be true – we received so many baby swimmies at baby showers and as gifts since she arrived. But I couldn’t help but pick up a couple more on sale at Carter’s.

This link gets you $15 off your purchase of $50 or more once their current sale is over, if you get to this post too late. Otherwise, you can use code BEBRIGHT to get 20% off $40 or more. Here’s everything I got in the haul!

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