Annie B’s Nursery Reveal

My favorite place to sit with my favorite little bean.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’d like to say I’m feeling the love today, but mostly I’m just feeling the sleep deprivation. In the Lynk House, we recently learned the meaning of the term “cluster feed.” Nothing has been the same since.

Since we’ve been home from the hospital, Annie has been sleeping in our room, but this week, we started practicing taking naps during the day time in her crib. I’m hoping it’ll make the transition from her bassinet (we use this one from Chicco that’s not too bulky and matches our decor) to her own bedroom a little easier. I spend as much time during the day in there as possible. It’s the prettiest room in the house! Besides, all her blowouts happen in the day time, usually around lunch. If it’s just a pee diaper, I can hold her in one hand and change her in the other while breastfeeding. But the alternative requires backup, a changing pad, wipes, a warm washcloth, diaper cream, and 300 CCs of fluid. So we use the diaper station in her room to address those.

I linked all of my favorite items from the nursery below, but some finds are just one of a kind.

How cute is this bunny?? We have tried five different brands of diapers and I am here to tell you that it is Pampers or nothing. Not sponsored. I just have a passion for avoiding blowouts.

The dresser and nightstand: these are thrifted from a local furniture consignment and antique store! I wish I could find something like it but I have searched the internet high and low and these are just so unique. I did find a dresser and nightstand that I would’ve bought as an alternative had I not found these. They are just so unique, and I haggled a damn good price on them, too.

The artwork: The piece above her crib is actually a pen and ink drawing I did in high school. It’s based on a picture I took of our childhood dog, Cookie. She was yorkie, but she came out a little wonky. She wasn’t prissy and silky like other yorkies. I think she looked more like a well-used mop. But she was such an important part of our lives, and I wanted to keep her memory in a place where I would see it every day.

The curtains and lamp: They’re both from IKEA! I picked the lamp because it reminded me of boobs. No joke. I figured, “If Annie likes milk, she’ll love this lamp.”

Annie B’s Nursery

If I had to pick my favorite thing about the nursery, it would have to be the glider my parents got for us. Almost every day, someone from our family comes to the house and rocks Annie there for hours at a time. If she’s fussy at night and I don’t want to wake Tanner up, I’ll come in her room at night to nurse her and just hang out in the chair for a little bit. We have dimmer lights in her room and it’s just so peaceful in there.

If I had to pick one thing that every nursery should have, it’s the rolling diaper rack. We didn’t have this to start with, but I could tell we needed it right away. We have a diaper caddy in our room that I keep next to my bed for late night diaper changes, and I think it might just be the best baby shower gift you can give someone. But in her nursery, the tiered rolling cart helps me keep all the supplies stocked and ready to go by the changing table without taking up space up top. Here’s the link to my exact cart.

Speaking of changing tables – don’t by one. It’s so silly. Just get a regular horizontal dresser that’s a comfortable height and put a changing pad on it. If you’re worried about the pad sliding, you can use velcro strips or Command tape to keep it in place. But changing tables are expensive, and you won’t need them forever.

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  1. Kristi Gray says:

    What a calming room! I almost fell asleep with the peaceful tour and comforting!! Hope to see you guys soon!!

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