When I pull her bink out of her mouth, she’s like “no problem. That’s what my bottom lip is for.”

Nine months in, nine months out! We survived! We are in such a great place right now and ready to share what we’ve learned, her regular daily schedule, and some exciting milestones.

Nine months is by far the most fun stage we’ve been through. She’s growing more and more personality by the day. It’s starting to feel like we have a real toddler rather than just an adorable little potato. I asked on Instagram stories what y’all wanted to know about Annie at 9 months old, and these were the most popular questions.

On her fussy days, I just roll her through the aisles of stores. Literally any store. She just likes to look through the shelves and wave at people.

Baby & Mama at 9 Months

Does she have any teeth? She doesn’t! Her pediatrician says its nothing to worry about, especially since babies who get their teeth earlier are prone to have dental issues. But of course, the protective mama in me is like GIRL where are your teeth?

Are you still breastfeeding? Breastfeeding came to a natural end between 7 and 8 months. She was ready to stop and let me know (in the form of punching me in the face and refusing the boob) but it was earlier than I wanted it to be, so I tried to pump. Unfortunately, my body did not respond well to her cutting me off cold turkey and I ultimately stopped making milk, which came with a lot of guilt. But I’ve really come to peace with it, and I honestly feel so much better now. It gave me a lot of my body freedom back, and for that, I am super thankful.

So, with no breastfeeding and no teeth, we are up to three mostly pureed meals a day, although we do have some fun with softer foods like eggs, green beans, and spaghetti. 

Annie’s Favorite Things

Walking, Talking, and Everything In Between

Has she learned to walk yet? It’s all happening so fast! She took off crawling and loved it so much that she is now dead set on teaching herself to stand and walk. She pulls herself up on furniture and walls pretty easily and will try to free stand, falling down on her butt and laughing. She’s certainly not afraid to get hurt, which is kind of terrifying. I think she’ll be standing on her own next month and walking by her birthday.

Is she talking? She’s super chatty. I talk to her like she’s just one of my girlfriends and she babbles right back to me. I swear, she understands almost everything. I know she’s listening because sometimes, she’ll come back to something we talked about earlier and point to it. I call Mildred “Sissy,” and she loves to point to her and say “See?” She calls Tan “Da,” and so far, she’s only said “mama” when she’s crying, which absolutely breaks my heart.

How’s she sleeping? Her crib has been lowered all the way down because she tries to climb out any chance she gets. Putting her down without waking her up every night is slowly but surely wrecking my spine. And yes, I rock her to sleep now. So sue me. There was a time when she would put herself to sleep, but those days are over. I like the snuggle time anyway.

Some days are just snuggly perfection. Tap to read my Instagram post about this perfect day.

Postpartum Life Update

How are you doing? If you’ve been keeping up for a while, you know that I had a struggle with postpartum depression. It was on my radar, but I didn’t know how bad it would be until I was already in the thick of it. But it gets better. And in the interest of full disclosure, I got help. I talked to a therapist and visited my doctor because there were times when my thoughts went to a really dark place. I’m glad I had a friend who was able to push me in the right direction and tell someone when it mattered the most. I really don’t know how bad things would have gotten if I hadn’t done that. 

9 Month Old Baby Sample Schedule

What does her schedule look like? If you have a younger baby and you just want a little look at what life might look like in the future, here’s a copy of our schedule. It obviously changes from day to day, but this hopefully gives you a good idea of how much she sleeps, eats, etc.

At work with mama.

Morning Routine

4:30 to 5 am: Usually, she starts stirring around this time. I make her a 5 oz. bottle and that will keep her down for at least another hour.

6:30 to 7 am: Our normal wake up window. Tan likes it when she wakes up on the earlier side so they can have some time together before he runs off to school. She starts her day with a small bottle.

She’s awake for anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, and I make her breakfast, which is usually oatmeal with some fruit in it and a small cup of water, then we play. Play for her looks like knocking down whatever I build out of blocks or pulling things out of a kitchen cabinet. The Tupperware drawer is a personal favorite.

8:30 to 9 am: That’s our usual window for going down for a nap. She fights sleep hard, so I have to make her a warm 4 ounce bottle to get her to calm down and go to sleep. It doesn’t matter if she’s so sleepy, rubbing her eyes and falling over. She will fight it. 

Morning naps usually last about an hour and a half, which gives me time to shower, get dressed, switch over the laundry, start a load of dishes, and make myself some breakfast. Then she’s up and ready to play again. I pack snacks and milk, get her dressed, and we head out for the day, usually to the shop to tag new items, have a photo shoot, or put new inventory online. 

Our Day to Day Schedule

At 11 am: Lunch time! This is more than likely some kind of vegetable or fruit medley. She loves apples and broccoli, mangos and kale, and sweet potatoes. She STILL doesn’t have teeth (pediatrician says this is totally normal, but yes, I’m freaking out because it’s my job.) So for the most part, she’s still working with purees. I like to give her fruit and veggie melties and puffs so she can practice grasping small bites. She also tries pretty much anything I’m eating. I just mush it with my finger. 

If we go out to eat, I usually just order a side of avocado for her. She generally gets pretty pissy if I eat and don’t give her something. Rice teething biscuits have been a great way to keep her distracted while I eat, too. 

1 to 2 pm: The hopeful afternoon nap window. If I thought she was fighting sleep before, boy did I not know how good I have it. This one sometimes requires a car ride home to knock her out. Fingers crossed I don’t wake her up while making the crib transfer.

When she wakes up, she takes a BIG bottle. For her, big bottles look like about 6 ounces. I try to keep her active for the rest of the day by going down to the water in the stroller, practicing walking, or visiting with family. 

A very squirmy little wormy getting ready for bed. We jokingly say that getting her into her pajamas is like trying to Saran wrap an elephant.

Winding Down

6 pm is DINNER TIME! Her favorite time of the day because I let her feed herself and get just as messy as she wants. She does not take this responsibility lightly. Apples, broccoli, sweet potato, oats, kale, and guava get all up in that big head of hair. It is truly a sight to behold. A cup of water washes it all down and we hit the bath tub. This is where things get interesting. The getting dressed post bath part arguably burns more calories between the two of us than an Orange Theory class. Putting pajamas on a lotioned-up toddler is like trying to Saran Wrap an elephant. She requires another big bottle after to replenish her electrolytes. 

Everything after that is quiet play time. We sit on the floor and look at books, talk to our stuffed animals, and play with blocks. We don’t get in the jumper or anything like that to potentially rile us up. Bed time is 8 pm. She takes another 4 ounce bottle and passes out cold. Not to jinx it, but she’s been sleeping through the night. It’s been glorious.