Annie B’s One Year Update

All of the pictures in Annie B’s one year update are from our family photographer, Katie Amspacher of Sarah K. Photography. She’s the best of the best!

It’s a cliche, I know. But I really can’t believe I’m writing her one year update. I started my website when I found out I was pregnant with AB. I really wanted to just record everything about where I was in life, how much things were changing, and how fast it was all happening. I’m so glad I did, because I haven’t physically written anything down in her baby book since the day she came home from the hospital. These blog posts are all I have to look back on. No regrets!

Stats of A One Year Old Annie B

Frequently Asked Questions About Life With A One Year Old

How are she and Mildred doing?

It wouldn’t be a one year update without the Millie girl! She’s not in any of these pictures (she would’ve eaten all the cake) but she was there for moral support, just out of frame. From the day I found out I was pregnant, I was worried about the dynamic between an old rescue dog and a new baby. It has been trying at times, but with the help of our vet, some new training techniques, a lot of boundaries, and some TLC, we are really getting there. Millie doesn’t mind Annie coming close as long as they are at the same level. If she is on the couch or the bed, that means she doesn’t want to be bothered, so we are teaching Annie not to touch unless she is on the floor.

It’s a bad habit to form, but letting Annie feed Millie scraps from the table has really done wonders for their relationship. So, I’ll allow it. Yesterday, Annie even gave her a kiss! She popped up next to her, pat her bitt, and kissed her. It was glorious.

Will you have another?

I try to remember that, when people ask this, it’s with the best of intentions. And I get asked at least once a day. People assume that, any time I post about my family, I could be on the verge of announcing another pregnancy. LOTS of people have even commented on pictures of me asking if I’m pregnant again.

Again, I know people have the best intentions. And I’m a pretty open book. So, I can laugh it off and just say no, I’m not pregnant. But I wish more people understood that this is just not something that’s okay to do. Unless a woman is wearing a t-shirt that says I AM PREGNANT, you should never ask. And unless you’re close enough to know you can have that kind of conversation, you should never ask when someone is going to have another baby.

That being said, I will tell you that I strongly considered only having one. But given the relationship I have with my little sister, and seeing friends with two babies or more, we have decided that we would like to expand our family when the time is right. That time just isn’t right now.

How’s working from home going?

I could write her entire one year update just on this topic alone. I’d say that is the number one struggle right now. Working mostly from home with a baby has made me seriously reconsider everything about my professional life. I have no doubt that I need this type of career if I’m going to have another child. I wouldn’t trade the time I’ve had with Annie in this first year for anything. And if it has cemented anything in my mind, it’s that the older she gets, the more she will need me. I don’t think staying home is for everyone, but it’s something that’s really important to me.

In my lifetime, my mom worked multiple jobs outside the home, didn’t work, and worked from home or from her own business where she could be flexible. I’d say some of the fondest memories in my life were when she had a flexible work schedule and I could see her doing what she loved. I hope I can provide that same experience for my family, but there are just a lot of things that still need to be figured out.

The reality is, I do a lot of other things. I like to stay busy, so I can help at my mom’s shop, write these posts, take pictures, make videos, and do phone consultations, then write at night for copywriting clients. But most of those things I can do with Annie around. And a lot of the work that I used to do just can’t be done without her out of the house. So, it’s a big decision to say I don’t think I’m going to take on clients anymore, and an even bigger decision to figure out how I would supplement that income.

I guess you could say that I’m just trying to enjoy where we are right now, and waiting for a sign as to what is next, both for our family and my career. We will see!

xoxo, becs.

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