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Shopping for my husband isn’t usually easy. Thankfully, he usually waits all year to ask for the one thing he wants, which takes out a great deal of the guess work. But, to be honest, 90% of the time, I have no idea what it is. It’s some sort of fishing contraption that I know nothing about. I tell his parents, they know exactly what he’s talking about and volunteer to get it for him for Christmas. And I’m back to square one.

Since having a baby, life is just harder. Little things that used to be minor inconveniences, like losing our keys, can throw our day for a major loop. So this year, I’m focused on tech that can make our lives a little easier. I picked the top three things we fight about and found some technology from Amazon that can solve our problems.

  1. He’s always stealing (and losing) my phone charger. He has stolen and lost every phone charger I have ever had. It drives me up a damn wall. I got this nightstand phone charger from Amazon to make my charging cord a permanent fixture on our nightstand, and he has been very jealous ever since. Between this and a three pack of 6 foot charging cords, he better not ever steal mine again.
  2. He likes to listen to music in the shower. Seems innocent enough, right? But he listens on his phone, and the shallow sound from that tiny stereo speaker gives me a headache. Boom. Bluetooth speaker to the rescue.
  3. I have no idea where our house keys are. I lost mine weeks ago. We’ve been sharing his because we’re too lazy to get another key made, and I lost that one too a couple days ago. I haven’t told him yet. I just keep rushing home ahead of him to make sure I can climb through the window or something before he figures it out. This smart lock is probably going to save us from divorce.

He’s also obsessed with the weather (for fishing conditions, for getting dressed in the morning, and just because it’s a very “dad” thing to do) so I’ve got this mini weather station in my cart. He’s always calling, texting, and emailing about Annie and what her routine has been for the day. He likes to know about her nap schedule and how she’s sleeping while he’s away at work or on charters. In hindsight, I wish we had invested in the Nanit baby monitor so he could peek in on her throughout the day. If your hubs is about to become a new daddy, he just doesn’t know what a blessing this gift could be!

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