I wish I could say this is all I’ve ordered from amazon this year but it’s just a little sliver. 🤷‍♀️ Lately, Amazon has been a gold mine for me. I keep stumbling across really great deals on things that look exactly like their designer counterparts. And they’re made out of the same stuff (like acrylic sunglasses – let’s not pretend that just because a designer made them that they’re solid gold.) Mama is balling on a budget.

If there is one thing I’m not super crazy about buying on Amazon, it’s clothes. I have ordered a few things based on the recommendations of influencers on Instagram and the quality is usually pretty awful. I won’t order clothes off of Amazon unless I recognize the brand, like I did with this super comfy maxi dress. The quality was great, the fit was perfect, but I most likely won’t be making a habit of buying clothes on prime any time soon.

Things I love to buy on Amazon

  1. Sunglasses 🕶: I lose almost every pair I buy, so I’m not about to spend more than $25 on glasses. The black aviators are only $10!
  2. Books 📚: I only buy how-to books on amazon bc I like to support my local book stores for fiction reads. The Home Edit totally changed the way I think about organizing my house. It got my started on helping my mother in law organize her house, too. You really underestimate how much stuff you can accumulate in 25 years. Truly.
  3. Shoes: These sandals have been on my wishlist forever, and yes, they’re designer dupes. The Internet seems to be very divided on this. Sorry, not sorry. I don’t have $400 to spend on flip flops. But these bad boys are CUTE.

    Also, Zappos is an Amazon distributor. That makes it so much easier to get the bigger brand names delivered at a much more reasonable price. I got my favorite running shoes for $60 from ASICS. At a local shoes chain, I would have paid at least $110.

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That’s all, folks! Here’s what to look forward to in the near future: right now, I’m working on writing up my tips for traveling with a baby. Annie just did her first four flights! We traveled to Massachusetts for my sister’s wedding and she did such an amazing job! I attribute it all to the advice I gathered from some other bloggers and moms on Instagram, so I’m going to share everything that worked, and some things I wish I had done to make it even easier.