A rare moment of peace and quiet, since she started learning to stand and walk. And crawl at lightening speeds. How can something so small sound like a bull in a china shop while crawling?

Okay, first thing’s first: if you are a mom, then you work. Just wanted to put that out there. People ask me what I do for a living a lot and my answer is always 1. I keep a child alive. 2. I am then a freelance virtual marketing assistant (I do a lot of copywriting, web development, and consulting) mostly at night and during Annie’s nap times. And 3. My mom owns a boutique called Beaufort Proper that I help her with when I can, but these days, it seems like I’m available to her less and less. So, that’s me! And it’s a lot to juggle.

I could tell you everything we do in an average day, but I think it would be easier to just show you. So, for my second ever ill-filmed YouTube video, I filmed a day in our life. You get to see pretty much everything from when I woke up that day (5 am! Yikes on bikes!) to Annie’s last nap of the day (she takes two) at about 3:30 pm. I’m hoping to do another video soon of our night time routine, but right now, that’s the most hectic part of the day. Tanner comes home and we cook dinner and eat and do bath and play and I take the dog for a walk and do our bedtime routine and it’s just A LOT. Filming it would be a struggle.

New Video: A Day In the Life of A Stay At Home, Work From Home Mom

I hope this video finds it’s way to other moms in similar situations, or maybe even women who are thinking about starting their family, if that’s your gig. Maybe it’ll make you say, “WOW that is not for me.” Or maybe you’ll decide that it’s not as scary as you thought. Either way, this is just one day, and it’s not totally representative of what we go through all the time. For example:

  • Annie was actually in a really great mood on this day.
  • She did both of her naps! That doesn’t always happen.
  • We did not have a giant public poop blowout. Those happen more often than I’d like to admit.
  • It’s right after the holidays, and my work schedule is still pretty loosey goosey. There are days that I have to send her to her grandma or a sitter for most of the day and sit at my computer to work, so that would be pretty boring to film.

If you feel so inclined to leave a comment on the video (and I really hope you do) just leave me ONE WORD that you would use to describe your average day lately. These days, mine would just be happy. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to honestly say that. The first year of Annie’s life just felt so hectic and impossible. But we’re really settling into a routine, and she’s just getting so affectionate and funny. I may not feel happy every moment of every day, but I feel it every day now. And it feels really awesome.