52 Things To Do In The Fall

Tis the season to be basic.

When I was little, I took the change in seasons very seriously. In fact, every reason to celebrate was a very big deal. I can remember hanging all my red, white, and blue outfits in the front of my closet around the fourth of July. One distinct memory stands out that’s downright embarrassing – when I was maybe 7, I remember putting on a sweater and sitting in the back yard holding a pumpkin even though it was 80 degrees. I thought that if I acted like it was fall, then the cool weather would just happen.

Fast forward to age twenty six and I’m really not all that different. On September 1st, I lit my fall scented candles as an offering to the fall Gods. I’m still waiting for them to adjust the temperature accordingly. I haven’t been brave enough to step outside long enough to check the mail. But that won’t stop me!

Your ideas for 52 things to do to kick off Fall

I was feeling all the seasonal feels while scrolling through Instagram the other day and asked a question on my stories – what super basic thing do you do to get in the spirit for Autumn? I was thinking about all the standard things, like pumpkin spice lattes, etc. But the answers totally flooded my stories and DMs. Some were actually pretty creative! I’m making it a point to cross as many as I can off the list, and hopefully create some more traditions with Annie B through the years.

*I put all the things I’ve already done in BOLD!

  1. Switch from iced to hot coffee in the morning.
  2. Start drinking your coffee on the porch.
  3. Light your fall scented candles.
  4. Go smell all the new scents at Bath and Body Works (and then get the Leaves candle, because obviously it is the superior scent.)
  5. Shop for seasonal produce at the farmer’s market.
  6. Buy mums for the porch.
  7. Bake a batch of pumpkin bread.
  8. Try the new Pumpkin Cold Brew from Starbucks.
    *PSA: I love it! A lot of people have said it’s not their thing, but if you like coffee that tastes like coffee, you’re going to love this! I can dig a PSL every now and then, but they are just too sweet to drink on the reg. This is like a cold brew PSL with half the sugar.
  9. Paint your nails a fall color.
  10. Unpack your fall clothes from storage.
  11. Donate your old summer clothes to goodwill, or take some to your local consignment shop.
  12. Cook butternut squash soup for dinner.
  13. Have a photoshoot with friends at a pumpkin patch.
  14. Research Halloween costumes.
  15. Switch out your couch pillows with warmer tones and plush textures.
  16. Decorate the porch with pumpkins.
  17. Throw a tailgate party at your house, complete with wings!
  18. Wear a blanket scarf.
  19. Style your outfit with a floppy felt hat.
  20. Get football tickets at your alma mater.
  21. Make a DIY halloween costume for your dog.
  22. Unpack your seasonal decor.
  23. Invest in a fall bag. (My fall purse is always significantly bigger than the bag I carry around in the summertime.)
  24. Go on a hayride.
  25. Visit a corn maze.
  26. Make your own pumpkin spice latte from scratch. (I have my own recipe!)
  27. Get a new fall wreath.
  28. Ask your neighborhood kids about their favorite Halloween candy.
  29. Schedule an appointment with your hair stylist for a new fall cut and color. (Everyone likes to go longer for fall, but I’m going shorter this year!)
  30. Invite your family over for dinner on the porch.
  31. Have a bonfire.
  32. Don’t forget the s’mores!
  33. Do some basic self care, like dipping into a pumpkin spice bath bomb jacuzzi tub.
  34. Get on a list with your local photographer for Christmas card photos before it’s too late!
  35. Start making your Christmas shopping lists. Seriously. It’s going to creep up on you before you know it and you won’t remember what you wanted to get ANYONE.
  36. Get yourself some cozy thermal pajamas.
  37. Make crockpot apple cider.
  38. Go apple picking.
  39. Pick through the clearance back-to-school supplies for cute things for your office.
  40. Bake a coffee cake.
  41. Cover the coffee order of the person behind you at the drive through. Fall is the season of giving, after all!
  42. Create a fun fall capsule wardrobe a la Brighton Keller.
  43. Buy the Mrs. Meyer’s fall scents to replace your dish soap, hand soap, lotion, and countertop spray (or get them for free when you sign up for Grove delivery!)
  44. Make potpourri in a stove top pot to get your house smelling so yummy!
  45. Throw some trash talk around in your fantasy football league chat.
  46. Have a deep cleaning day. Seriously, my house is always the dirtiest at the end of summer.
  47. Buy new booties and a jacket to make cute summer sundresses last through the Fall.
  48. Plan matching family Halloween costumes.
  49. Brew up a spicy chai latte to shake up your morning coffee routine.
  50. Look up haunted hayrides, fright nights, or haunted houses in your area.
  51. Check out the 31 Nights of Halloween movie schedule on Freeform.
  52. Put a date on the calendar to get all the people you love together for Friendsgiving! Arguably the most important Holiday of the year!

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