5 Sale Coffee Tables To Change Up Your Living Room

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Baby proofing is going very slowly. Annie learned to crawl seemingly overnight. Our house is totally not ready for her. A lot of the furniture in our house was handed down to us from my parents when they moved out of their big house, like our coffee table. It’s a big round table wrapped in this woven, wicker-like thing (clearly, I have no idea what I’m talking about.) It’s coming unraveled, leaving some staples exposed – definitely not an ideal situation for a crawling baby with no sense of boundaries.

We also have an antique sound system that we decided to put in an entertainment system at ground level for some odd reason. And a record player. Did I mention we did this after we already knew we were pregnant? First time parent problems.

I think we can put doors on the entertainment system, but the coffee table is just going to have to be replaced. I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as baby safe furniture. Everything has sharp edges, levels she could climb on, glass, or metal. So essentially, my only criteria is “inexpensive.” Thankfully, Target has tons of sale coffee tables. Help me pick!

Target Sale Coffee Table Options

  1. Something a little different: Tanner looked at me like I was crazy when I showed him this one, but I am all about getting something different. I never wanted my house to look like everyone else’s. Am I insane? It’s okay if you say yes. I’ve been borderline crazy since I got pregnant with Annie and it hasn’t gone away yet.
  2. Farmhouse style: The modern farmhouse look is kind of everything right now, and I like the industrial look of this table. I’m just not sure if it’s very us. But I love round!
  3. Faux marble: This one has a glass top and a faux marble shelf on the bottom. I like having storage underneath, but I can’t help but think that the lazy side of me is going to let junk pile up under there. Then again, with the glass top, you’d be able to see everything, so I guess I would be more likely to keep it clean!
  4. The fan favorite: It’s a Target best seller, and for good reason. I’m more inclined to have a round coffee table because our living room is filled with sharper angles. We could use a little sometime to soften it up.
  5. The ottoman: Tanner liked this one because of the extra seating it would provide. Our couch is gray, though. So color matching would probably be a struggle. Still, so practical!

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