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If I could have had the foresight to realize that a Moses basket would’ve made a perfectly good (and less bulky) bassinet for next to my bed, that would’ve been just divine. But unfortunately, my mom decided to keep that little tidbit of information to herself and order one for her place. Now, we keep it in the shop so I have a spot to easily dock Annie B for naps or if I just need my hands free for a bit. As long as I put her within view of a ceiling fan, she’s good to go! It’s so weird how they fixate on these things, right?

Moses Baskets with Free Shipping from Amazon Prime

All of these Moses Baskets ship free if you’re a prime member – even the rocking stand! I so wish I had put one of these in our room rather than our bassinet, which feels giant in comparison. But it won’t be long before Annie B outgrows both, so we stick with what we have and just use the basket when we are with Mimi.

Clearly, she loves it! She was all smiles when we took this picture. I’ve already received plenty of questions about her little jumper. Unfortunately, it’s last season from 7 For All Mankind, so they don’t make it anymore. But their current collection is seriously so cute!

More Moses Baskets from Etsy

If you’re not into Amazon, no biggie! Wayfair has plenty of options to choose from, too. You can shop all of their Moses Baskets here. Or, if you’re more into homemade and vintage options, you can try out these bad boys from Etsy.