I recently cleaned out the cabinet under our sink (holy cleaning product explosion). I realized that I had only opened that cabinet to get two things in MONTHS – dishwasher tabs and hydrogen peroxide. Otherwise, every other product under the sink had gone untouched for the better part of a year. Talk about a wasteful use of space! I only ever use about five cleaning products in our home now, and it’s made cleaning the house so much easier. If you have sticky toddlers, babies who love to clean food, and smelly dogs, you can still get away with only using these five products.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean

You could easily replace nearly every cleaning product in your cabinet with a hydrogen peroxide solution. In fact, I have a spray nozzle that fits right over my grocery store hydrogen peroxide bottle so I can spray it directly on stains.

If you haven’t cleaned with hydrogen peroxide before, there are more than enough reasons to start. It’s not a bleach alternative. In fact, bleach is the alternative to hydrogen peroxide. It used to be used for everything before bleach started being marketed left and right as the “only” solution for whiter whites and sanitizing bathrooms. But what really stands out to me is the lack of smell. I can’t stand the smell of bleach, and it’s not safe for use around pets and kids. 

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to:

  • Easily lift blood stains (and practically any other stain, for that matter)
  • Prevent armpit stains from setting into your clothes
  • Boost whiteness when used directly in your washing machine
  • Safely cleaning pet and kids’ toys
  • Sanitizing lunch boxes
  • Descaling humidifiers and diffusers

How To Create An All Purpose Cleaning Spray With Hydrogen Peroxide

There are so many sprays on the market that clean and disinfect, but I’ve yet to find one that is food safe, pet safe, and kid safe. And the ones that are don’t actually disinfect, just clean (but what does that even mean?)

I’ve been using a homemade hydrogen peroxide cleaning spray for a year now to clean my house, and there’s nothing it can’t do. I’ve managed to safely clean electronics, melt stubborn baby food off of the high chair, and descale the bathtub, all with one solution. 

  • 1:2 ratio of peroxide to distilled water in a spray bottle
  • Optional: if you’re missing the smell of your store-bought sprays, you can add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil, or a couple teaspoons of lemon juice for extra grease cutting power.

If you only buy five cleaning products for your whole home, make them:

  • hydrogen peroxide: to create a multi-purpose spray, add to laundry for stain removal, for disinfecting
  • baking soda & Dawn: these both have stain fighting power, but when combined, they make a great soft scrub for bathtubs, sinks, etc.
  • The Pink Stuff: the HOLY GRAIL product for removing scuffs, stickers, crayons, and more from practically any surface. Careful, it’s abrasive, so only use it when you’re in a pickle.
  • Folex: keep this on hand for the disasters, which we have frequently. Our furniture wouldn’t stand a chance against Annie’s spills if it weren’t for this stuff.

Cleaning Products You Probably Don’t Need

Powdered Tide: If you like to use this on your laundry like I do, that’s another story. But many people online had touted how easy it was to create a floor cleaning solution with powdered Tide and water. When I tried it myself, it always left the floor with a chalky film. But, the floors were really clean. I’d rather use my hydrogen peroxide cleaning spray for a film-free finish.

Bar Keeper’s Friend: This made a lot of peoples’ lists, but not mine, because I found that creating a solution with dawn and baking soda did the same thing.