My Mom always told me,

There is no fussiness that can’t be fixed by taking a baby outside or putting her in water. And for both of my kids, that has proven to be very, very true.

When I was home with Annie for the first few months of her life, I was obsessed with her milestones, her schedule, and making sure she was “on track” all the time. With my second baby, we’re now three months postpartum and I’m just now starting to get on a routine. 

It was a lot harder to do with a toddler, especially as we were transitioning out of quarantine. Our routine was changing in every sense of the word – learning how to re-enter the world, navigating the struggles of introducing a new baby into the family, and working through a pretty hefty tantrum stage with our two year old. 

If there are any other moms out there who were like me and want to get a glimpse into what life with two two and under might look like, you’re in the right place!

Creating a Routine with Two Two and Under

Annie B is two (two and five months, if you want to be exact) and Louie is 12 weeks. And as you can probably imagine, I’m a little bit caught between two worlds. On one hand, both of my kids thrive in an environment with a solid routine. They nap better, act more rationally, cry less. But they’re changing so much every day, especially the baby. Sometimes, a routine feels impossible. So I’m flexible, but this is the general schedule we follow.


7 am: Annie B wakes up, sometimes a bit earlier. She makes it at least to 6:30. Since it’s summer time, Tanner is home most days and will get up with her while I wait for the baby to wake up.

7:30 am: Louie wakes up and is ready to stretch and eat. Then, it’s straight into a diaper change. 

7:45 am: Annie is always so excited to see her sister in the morning. She wants to snuggle her, sit on the couch to hold her, and bring her all the toys. I like to spend a little quality time with them over my coffee before I get into my work routine.


9:30 am: milk top off and morning nap. This breastfed baby is always the most hungry in the morning, so she needs a little more milk to go down for her nap.

11 am: wake up and feed, I start making lunch for Annie B.

12 pm: get out of the house. Whether that means just playing in the back yard or going to visit family, I try to get out once every day, for my own sanity at least.

1:30 pm: afternoon nap. I’ll write a little bit below about how I manage this with two. They both have an afternoon nap right now.



3 pm: wake up and ramp up the feedings a bit. Louie gets easily distracted while eating. I try to feed her in a quiet place any time after 3 so she will be plenty full by bedtime.

5 pm: dinner time snooze. I can usually put Lou down while we cook and eat, but she inevitably wakes up right when I sit down to eat. She has a sense about these things.

7 pm: bathtime. The kids like to take a bath together right now.

8:30 pm: Annie’s summer bedtime, which Tanner handles while I feed the baby and get her down for bed by 9 pm.

How I Handle Naptime With Two

Annie spends two days a week at her grandma’s house until her afternoon nap so I can get some work done with fewer interruptions. It’s much easier to work with just the baby than with both of them by my side. Usually, Annie will fall asleep in the car on the way home, but when she doesn’t, we have a nap time routine that is going pretty smoothly these days.

We started going down for our naps independently a couple months before Louie was born. She used to want me to lay with her, and when I was pregnant, I loved to do it because it was an excuse to soak in the last little moments of her being an only child. Plus, I was pregnant and tired and probably needed a nap myself!

But knowing #2 was on the way, I made more of an effort to let her learn how to do it herself. We call it “quiet time,” and she knows it’s coming every day. I put her blanket and her bink in her bed, tell her it’s time for quiet time, and as what she wants for her quiet time snack. Usually, it’s just water and some raisins. I deliver them in bed while the baby sits in the living room, and I sit in bed with her while she eats her snack and we chat a bit. 

Inevitably, the baby will start to fuss, and I’ll say, “The baby is ready to eat. Here’s a book to read. I’m going to go feed her and I’ll come back and get you when quiet time is over.” And she falls asleep… eventually!


This Week's Video

In This Week’s Mom Life Clean With Me, You get a little taste of my cleaning routine and what life looks like on a day when Annie is at her grandma’s. On this day, it was a lot of house cleaning, and a little bit of one-on-one time with my baby girl. Hope you enjoy!