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I can’t wait to get back into sharing more. I’m sure to many people, my sharing of home design things on Instagram stories is sharing quite a lot, but I’m used to sharing much more than that. In 2020-2021, I was sharing weekly YouTube videos, including cleaning motivation, decorating inspiration, and day in the life vlogs. My motherhood journey was truly changing daily, and I’m so glad I have those videos to look back on – what a blur it all was! My YouTube channel is likely the only chance I have of even remembering a sliver of it.

And with two kids, it didn’t take long for it all to be too much. I’ve found a new rhythm of what feels good to share, what isn’t overwhelming and too time consuming. But some day very soon, I’d like to get back into the groove of sharing more of my day to day life, mostly so I don’t forget again. The saying goes, the days are long but the years are short. The past year moved at lightening speed, and sometimes it feels like I don’t have a ton to show for it because I don’t have the content to look back on. The reality is that I have a ton to show for it in our home, between the children we’re raising, the house we’re keeping, and the life we’re building. It just doesn’t all make it to the internet. And that’s okay!

In the meantime, I have a laundry list of products I’ve been meaning to review, because they’ve been in our home for quite some time. All of these items have been in the Lynk house for at least a year, so I can truly testify to their quality. When you’re buying budget items on Amazon, you’re taking a bit of a gamble. But I can honestly say, I have no regrets with these. The lights work, the furniture is still in good shape, and the style isn’t instantly dated. You really can’t go wrong with these Amazon finds!

Budget Friendly Amazon Home Finds

This acrylic console table is a very divisive piece in our home, because my husband initially hated it with a burning passion. It was “too modern,” according to him, and didn’t really have a place. But I think I’ve officially swayed him, because acrylic furniture is SO useful when you’re working in small spaces. It doesn’t add new texture to a space, lets the light flow through, and creates height without adding any bulk. Win-win-win!

It’s been in multiple different spots in our home, and I like each one more than the last. And since I know you’re going to ask, it wipes clean so easily. Toddler fingerprints are the least of my worries.

Find the links to everything you see here on my LTK here!

How To Style These Amazon Open Shelves in Your Kitchen

It’s officially been three years since we installed these open shelves in our kitchen, which feels absolutely insane to say. It feels like yesterday that we were starting this never ending project. The shelves went up in less than an hour. But everything else was grueling work. I would HIGHLY recommend hiring someone to paint your cabinets over doing it yourself, especially if you have to install hardware on doors that previously did not have any. But the shelves? Easy peasy. You got this.

I love styling these every season, and as we go into fall, everything feels very cozy. Earth tones, wood picture frames, cook books, and mismatched glassware are the vibe.

Find the links to these shelves and more sizes/options on my LTK here!

Budget Friendly Gold Dining Room Light Fixture from Amazon

It’s been a year on the nose since this install, and I wanted to wait before sharing because when it comes to DIY electrical, I want to be VERY sure before I make a recommendation to you. If Tanner and I can do it, so can you! This sleek brushed gold light fixture comes with an extender to give you the option of a more flush mount look or something hovering closer to your dining table. We went with the shorter option because we used to have a different table. Now that I found this round antique on Facebook marketplace, I wish we have made it longer. Such is life.

Find the link to this exact light fixture on my LTK here!

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