Question #1: Are you having a boy or a girl?

We are having another little girl! Tanner was right about this one. He was right about Annie, too, and told me so from the beginning. So, I probably should’ve trusted him on this one.

Question #2: What did you think you were having?

I really thought I was having a boy! Well, really, I thought Annie was a boy. And I was totally blown away when I found out she wasn’t, but relieved because I really wanted to have a girl first. With this one, my pregnancy was just so different from the get go, I figured it must be a boy.

Question #3: Are you planning on having any more?

As of right now, no. And we have planned to make some at least semi-permanent changes to ensure that. I think that was why I was sort of hoping for a boy. When we had our anatomy ultrasound and she told us we were having a girl, it was actually the second time an ultrasound tech had made that guess. But the first time was too early for her to give us a definite answer. I felt a little bit sad, and actually cried when I was alone in the doctor’s office. I was happy to be giving Annie a sister, but I also felt like I was mourning the lost opportunity to ever experience a boy.

And I know, I know, I could always have more. But honestly, we don’t want more. We always said we just wanted two. And there’s no way to guarantee that the third would be a boy. So, this is the family we were intended to have and I’m crazy grateful for it. Besides, girl’s clothes are a thousand times cuter, and I’m pretty sure I just saved a boatload of money since I saved everything of Annie’s.

Question #4: Was this pregnancy different than your first?

In every way imaginable. If you check out my blog or Instagram frequently, you know that I haven’t been nearly as present on here as I was with my first pregnancy. I was experiencing so many symptoms that I was just not familiar with. Morning sickness turned into all day sickness, I could barely eat a thing, and I was just dizzy all the time. I was constantly afraid to even pick up Annie because I just felt so imbalanced, like I was going to fall over any minute. We’re talking running into walls all the time, tripping constantly. It was embarrassing, and incredibly annoying.

So, the beginning, unlike with Annie, was just consumed with survival mode. With AB, I was just sleepy. And lucky me, being a remote employee with no kids thus far, I napped and all was well. This time, I didn’t have the luxury.

Question #5: Are you planning on doing everything the same this pregnancy?

There is so much that is just entirely out of your hands when it comes to pregnancy. Last time, I really wanted to educate myself and have open communication with my OB team to make sure I was making all of my decisions based on what was best for us, rather than what worked for everyone else. It worked out like a dream. So, in that regard, I’d like to do things the same way.

But everything is different now. With COVID and already having a toddler at home, I can’t do everything exactly the same as before. I was taking barre classes and doing yoga twice a week. I meditated and took naps. Napping is definitely a thing of the past these days, and group fitness classes are a no go. Ultimately, my goal is just to have a healthy pregnancy, and so far, I’ve been able to do that.

Question #6: Do you have a name?

We do! We had a name picked out for a boy and a girl. We toyed with the idea of using the boy’s name as a unisex option, but once we knew what we were having, the name clicked.

Just like with Annie, it was important to us to pick a name with a strong family connection. Plus, the rule was it had to be something that we didn’t think would go “out of style.” There are lists and lists of trendy names that we wanted to avoid.

Larson Kennedy Lynk: Tanner’s family has kept impeccable records of their heritage, so there was no lack of inspiration for baby names once we decided to start a family. Louis Larson was one of the original settlers of Harkers Island, where Tanner’s mom’s side of the family has been ever since. And Kennedy, of course, is my little sister. Annie’s middle name is Bryant, Tanner’s maternal grandmother’s maiden name, and his brother’s middle name. It means a lot to me that both of our girls have a little piece of our siblings.

I just love y’all, internet strangers who always have nothing but kind things to say and local friends who check in online when it’s not always safe to do so in person. This pregnancy has been so different from the first, in every way imaginable, really. At this point with Annie in my belly, I was already preparing for the first of two showers with 40+ people. Now, I’m wondering if it’s even safe to have Thanksgiving with our family. So, thank you for your kindness, your messages, and for respecting our boundaries. Xoxo. Gossip Girl. JK, I just can’t say “xoxo” without ending it like that.