12 Things & My Favorite PinkBlush Maternity Dress

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1. 27 weeks means the last week of the second trimester! I think. Honestly, counting trimesters is confusing because it doesn’t break down perfectly into weeks. But either way, things just got very real and suddenly, all I can think about is labor.

2. Last week, Krystina at Salon Indigo in Morehead City gave me LE CHOP. My goal was to go way shorter, way less maintenance, without getting a mom haircut. The girl delivered, and I basically feel like I lost ten pounds off my head. You never really know how much damaged hair you have until you chop it all off and reveal the fresh goodness underneath. I am a new woman.

3. This has been my FAVORITE new arrival from PinkBlush maternity! Little known fact – I don’t have a maternity clothing store in my entire county. Seriously. Not even a maternity section in a department store, despite the fact that people are reproducing here like crazy. So shopping online is a must, but so is an awesome customer service team to make sure I get the right fit as my bump grows and my body changes. PinkBlush has the cutest maternity dresses, an easy return policy, and a really wide selection so not all of us mamas end up looking exactly the same. This color combo is sold out, but that’s okay – it’s restocked in mauve and I like it even better!

Shop this dress in my favorite mauve color combo here.

4. My mom and I took the weekend off from running the shop and went to Charlotte, where basically ALL of my friends from college live. And the one brave soul who moved to Texas even flew in to see me! There was a whole surprise baby shower (that I can’t wait to share photos from) and brunch and it was just adorable. It feels so good to just get away.

5. My friends seriously hooked me up with tons of essentials off of my baby registry. If you want to know how I picked each item, you can check it out on in this post.

6. One of my friends is a nurse and gave me some of her most highly recommended newborn essentials, plus I got to hear stories about how she basically gives babies baths for a living. I could never. But also… I want to.

7. When my mom and I got back into town, of course I had a major case of nesting syndrome. I had to unpack, wash, and assemble all of my gifts that night, or go insane. And even though we’re three months out from meeting Annie B, all her cute new outfits are ready and I have performed a safety check on her swing and high chair. And probably drove Tanner crazy in the process.

8. Her closet is already full! It’s a pretty substantially sized closet, but with only one rack, and due to the size of my family and all of our super loving customers who are just as excited about this baby as we are, there will be more clothes to come. It’s making me think I need to install totally new closet organization. Again – sorry Tan.

9. This week is the beginning of the CRAZIEST time of year. I know that’s pretty much the case for everyone, but late fall is also prime wedding season in North Carolina because it’s your safest bet for an outdoor wedding. We’re kicking it off at the Venue at Beaufort Proper this weekend for two locals to exchange nuptials under the pines. The decor is so beautiful – I can’t wait to share!

10. Two weeks later is my second baby shower with all of Tanner’s church crowd, then the weekend after that is another wedding at the venue, so we’ve got very little turnaround time to get things back in order for yet another big day. I’m getting sweaty just thinking about it.

11. THEN – the next weekend is my best friend’s wedding in Texas. I’ll be flying at 32 weeks pregnant. To say that I’m nervous is an understatement.

12. All of my maternity clothes so far have been from shoppinkblush.com – if you want to check out my first haul for early fall, you can find it here!

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